High level brickwork repairs
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Project Case Study


Planned Property Maintenance for GYN Asset Management Services (on behalf of Great Yarmouth Community Housing)

Carried Out



Carry out planned property maintenance to council housing properties across the Borough of Great Yarmouth for GYN Asset Management Services as part of their neighbourhood improvement scheme for Great Yarmouth Community Housing.

The work took place in 2 geographical areas of the Borough and included planned repairs, maintenance and improvements to the properties, their curtilage and communal areas.

Specific works included rebuilding garden walls, redecoration, refurbishing existing balconies, walkways and internal stairways with specialist coatings and upgrading communal; lighting systems.

The project was very intense with a lot of interaction, communication and planning with tenants, as well as the organisation of the numerous trades and subcontractors that were involved. These works were delivered within time and budget tolerances and received a high degree of satisfaction from the client.

The works were also very well received by the local community and the results were clearly visible attracting comments that resulted in an article on the improvements being published in the local newspaper.

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